Re: Western Prototype Modelers Meet 2009

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Dick Harley wrote:
While Tony's comment is notably made in some jest (and he and I highly respect each other), the amount of animosity shown toward the UP (and by extension its modelers and proponents) continues to amaze me. And you know there is more under the surface than is shown in public. Life goes on, and some of us do what we want.
It was often said at the time of UP's misguided and ill-fated effort to make money from models of UP equipment that they were going to reap a tidal wave of resentment and even anger from modelers. At the time, I doubted if that would be true, but in fact I think it did happen, and remains true in many quarters. And hey, it only cost 'em around $4 million in legal fees to be straightened out.

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