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Rob Kirkham wrote:
I don't think this has been mentioned here so thought I'd bring it up: I just became aware of some dealer web pages that mention that Blackstone Models is apparently doing the GRAMPS tank cars in narrow guage. These were converted UTLX cars, and while I'm uncertain, I think Blackstone is doing both frameless and framed versions. While narrow guage models would be only partially useful to us (the tanks - and you can build your own or use Precision Scale models), I just sent them a polite enquiry suggesting they either bring out the same model on proper standard guage frames, or work with a resin manufacturer to do a standard guage frame or frames.
Rob, it's well known that the frameless cars only had trucks changed for narrow-gauge use. I don't know for sure but would doubt that Rio Grande built new frames for the underframed cars either, but someone more knowledgeable than me will have to answer for sure. Richard Hendrickson is out of the country so don't be holding your breath for him to chime in.
We just need to apply the right trucks. <g>

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