Re: Blackstone Models UTLX tank cars

Jack Burgess

Eric wrote:

Did these tank cars start service with arch bar trucks?
The cars were built around 1912 and yes, they started out with arch bar
trucks. There are photos of the bolster/truck assemblies in Steam Era
Freight Cars Reference Manual Vol 2 (Tank cars) which show the original arch
bar trucks.

When were the trucks upgraded? And to what? Andrews first, then
an AAR cast sideframe version?
Richard may know. Photos of these cars in service seem to be limited since
you tend to see the same photos over and over....

Did these cars always have trucks with a five-foot wheelbase?
That would make sense...although I could be completely wrong, the photos of
the bolsters/trucks appear to show a 5' wheelbase arch bar truck.

Jack Burgess

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