Re: Western Prototype Modelers Meet 2009

Tim O'Connor

Kurt, I got the long version from someone involved (and who
contemplated putting up $100,000 in legal fees as a -small-
part of the legal action against UP) but I don't recall this
ever going to trial, so you would not find the case. Basically
MTH retained some very heavy hitter lawyers and UP backed down
and modified its licensing -- I don't think they ever admitted
they don't own any of the trademarks. I have noticed products
that claim CSXT as well as UP licenses so UP is not the only
company to require licenses; MTH basically got them to drop
the license fees for model trains. (Books and videos, I dunno.)

Tim O'Connor

Kurt Laughlin wrote:
Can you cite a case or so I can look them up?
Kurt, this isn't the list for such a topic, though editorials
in places like TRAINS magazine did present the outcomes. I'd guess the
on-line RR magazine index would be a place you can find those pieces.
It was also discussed at length on Mike Brock's LICEN (licensing)
Yahoo forum, which you could join to search those archives.

Tony Thompson

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