Those pesky wood sheathed ART reefers

Bill Welch

Jerry Michael's question about kit availability and the response about Jim Hayes website for Sunshine kits caused me to check this out. Wow, what a great resource Jim!

I looked at the old flyer for Sunshine's wood sheathed ART reefer for nostalgia, having built one years ago. I had thought Martin had also offered this kit in the rebuilt version with the paneled steel roof but he had not.

In the flyer, the suggested paint was a "true yellow," but by the time I built the TW versions of this reefer had seen an article in the MPHS magazine (I think it was) saying that the best color for ART reefers was a D&RGW gold, which I used on the wood and steel cars I have built.

With Martin re-doing some of his older kits, the USRA steel rebuilds for example, he may be interested in updating this kit as well. He has done the art work of course already when he did the steel cars, and has done several Murphy roofs for reefers that he could adapt for use to offer this rebuild.

It would do no harm to encourage him to do this car again, as he is responsive to suggestions. I will mention it but as I have everything ART want either built or unbuilt, I am not a customer. The more people he hears from about this, the more encouragement this will be.

Bill Welch

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