Re: PFE reefer colour schemes

Tim O'Connor

Dick, I direct your attention to the photo on page 78 of Morning
Sun's "Rock Island in Color Volume 1"... PFE 47036, which otherwise
has an ordinary dual b/w heralds paint scheme, definitely appears
(at least to me) to have black ends. The photo date is 1961 and the
car has a few years of weathering. It's possible that metallic red
paint morphed into a uniformly dark shade that starkly contrasts
with the car roof but.... I've long been intrigued by this photo.
In fact there are five PFE reefers in the shot, but only the 47036
shows an extremely dark end.

I do agree with you, I don't know of any black roofs in this era.
Unfortunately many vendors have painted PFE cars with black ends
and black roofs and that has created an impression on modelers
that is hard to fix.

Tim O'Connor

I've spent well over two months during the past year reading PFE
lettering drawings and looking at photographs to prepare a database
for PFE paint & lettering schemes from 1925 to 1980. I know of Black
metal roofs in the 1920s, but the ends were Metallic (freight car
red). I know of Black ends during the 1960s and early 1970s, but the
roofs were Light Gray, Aluminum or White. At no time between 1925
and 1980 am I aware of black roof AND ends at the same time on PFE

Dick Harley

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