Re: Blackstone Models UTLX tank cars

Dennis Storzek

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The class X cars that UTL converted for narrow gauge use did indeed have new frames fabricated...

I had a bit more time to search for pix on the internet. Here is an X car converted to narrow gauge:

It should be obvious that this is not the original center sill; it should also be obvious that if Blackstone is tooling this frame, there is not much hope for standard gauging the model. If one should want to scratchbuild the frame, Drawings appeared in the 1906 Car Builder's Dictionary, which was reprinted by Gregg years ago.

Dr. Hendrickson has in the past stated that the brake equipment on the class V cars converted to narrow gauge was modified, but I don't know exactly what modifications were made. I also wonder if the side bearing extensions of the cast end frame-bolster-tank saddle needed modification to clear the narrower spacing of the narrow gauge truck side frames...

Here is a photo of one of the narrow gauge V cars, now on the Georgetown Loop:

Drawings and a photo of a 10,000 gal. Van Dyke car also appear in the 1906 CBD. It is apparent that the graceful ogee curve on the ends of the side bearing castings has been truncated to move the side bearings inward from their 5'-0" standard gauge centers to clear the NG sideframes. If the Blackstone cars are styrene, I suppose it won't be too difficult to put these back. Sure whish I could find my pix of this casting.


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