Re: PFE reefer colour schemes

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Tim O'Connor wrote:
One more item: Morning Sun PRR Color Guide, Volume 2, page 79 -- a shot of PFE 11559 (R-40-28) with glistening black ends, and a red metallic roof.
As Tim points out, there DO exist examples in photos of ice cars prior to the 1962 adoption of aluminum roofs and black ends for PFE ice cars, which have red roofs and black ends, or aluminum roofs and red ends, or red roofs and black ends. Earl Hopkins, retired CMO for PFE, told me in our interview that once the mechanical cars started getting black ends and aluminum roofs, the shops sometimes would squeeze in an ice car while they had the "wrong" paint in the spray gun. But it was NOT standard or even very common before 1962, and he stated that shops which did this would "get a memo" about it.

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