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I beginning to think that some of these paint schemes have been around so long and used by so many model railroad manufactures, copied and recopied that they do not know if it is really correct or not. Like the Santa Fe green cattle car, it been done by about every model railroad company out there and in all scales. I have seen the Carnation car in all black lettering, no red at all and some painted in all red with no black. I guess this is what makes "Model Railroad is Fun".
Michael Bishop

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While we're on the subject of never seen a real one, has anyone seen a real Carnation reefer like this one (or a photo of a real one)?? http://www.athearn. com/Products/ Default.aspx? ProdID=ATH1602

I've seen photos of real ones like these,

http://www.stylefee 906mqvtb/ Ho-Rtr-41- Apos-Reefer- Carnation?

and these

http://cgi.ebay. com/InterMountai n-Carnation- Milk-Wood- Reefer-HO- 47722-03_ W0QQitemZ1903335 49620QQcmdZViewI temQQimsxZ200909 07?IMSfp= TL090907186001r1 2519
but nothing like the Athearn version

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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Did Safeway Foods have a fleet of leased reefers? I have seen many cars on the market at different times over the years, but I do not remember ever seeing a real one before. Thanks for any help.

Michael Bishop

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