Modeling UTLX type X and V (was Blackstone Models UTLX tank cars)

Bruce Smith


As has been noted here before, Precision Scale offers a plastic kit for the UTLX 6500 gallon type V in both HO and HON3. The HO kit does need some detail changes beyond simply 5' wheelbase trucks to be correct (following Richard's article), but it is a nice starting place. Precision Scale also offers an HON3 "narrow frame" version of this tank car, as apparently, so will Blackstone. Having recently ordered one of these, I compared it to the frameless car. Importantly, Precision has changed out the casting for the bottom sheet of the tank, so that the heavy castings for the type V are not present, making this tank appropriate for a car with a frame. The frame, while not appropriate for a Type X car, could serve as a starting point, with the coupler pockets and bolsters being useful. All in all, the PSC "narrow frame" car looks like an excellent point for a kitbash of the UTLX type X.

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