Re: Blackstone Models UTLX tank cars

Charlie Vlk

Dennis is correct.... and I agree with him about manufacturers "sticking to their knitting"..... I am a great believer that a company should figure out what they are good at and not try to be everthing to everyone.

I was not aware of the Precision Scale plastic kit for either car, in spite of my exposure to Des Plaines Hobbies.
I might have had my N Scale googles on if there were such kits in the store; however, I think I would have seen them if they had been in stock in the last few years. Precision Scale is somewhat under-represented in the retail shops?

I am not sure what the size of the Narrow Gauge market is / will be. The current lack of readily available track components (although I hear this is going to be rectified soon) certainly rules out any explosive growth to parallel the On30 one or even G Gauge in this RTR heavy world.

I know this list is not much interested in RTR but my original premise still holds... a standard gauge RTR version of the car would outsell the HOn3 one given the same quality level, etc.. even if Blackstone isn't the one to do it.

Charlie Vlk

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