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Exactly right Tony, I have stayed away from them as well it's also why I haven't modelled or bought a car with the rounded painted sides or the car with the script lettering, I did falter in HO a few years ago when Intermountain offered the car with the boxcar red stripes on the sides but won't be going that route again. As you say just too rare and in some cases the paint didn't last all that long on the railroad.


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michael bishop wrote:
I think (a dangerous thing for me do anymore) that I read somewhere
that PFE had some silver or aluminum ice bunker reefers. Is this
correct, or am I getting my facts mixed up. Thanks for any help.
Yessir. They built exactly two aluminum body cars at a time
when the PFE car fleet was around 40,000 cars. Much as I like PFE and
many PFE model cars as I have, I don't have one of them--they are just
too rare. But hey, model them both if you like.

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