Re: Blackstone Models UTLX tank cars - now modeling PSC cars

Ned Carey <nedspam@...>

I pulled out Richard Hendrickson's article on the PSC cars. I have seen UTLX cars of this era that had what looks like a spring sticking out perpendicular from the draft gear. Richard mentions this in the article and refers to it as Cardwell draft gear.

I don't see this in some of the recent photos posted to the group but it shows clearly in some of the photos from my own collection. It occurs to me that perhaps it was only on one side. Or perhaps this was this something added later.

Can anyone supply more info?

Richard suggested modifying the springs on a Bowser PRR caboose truck to get an appropriate 5' truck. Does Tahoe Model Works do any 5' trucks?

Thank you,

Ned Carey

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