Re: Blackstone Models UTLX tank cars - now modeling PSC cars


The truck is/was a bowser single spring PRR caboose truck- looks like the vaunted "bettendorf" with only one spring under the bolster. I gound out the single spring, then glued in some KD#78 knuckle springs=good nuff.
Joe Binish

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Ned wrote:
Richard suggested modifying the springs on a Bowser PRR caboose
truck to get an appropriate 5' truck. Does Tahoe Model Works do
any 5' trucks?
No, Tahoe doesn't have a 5' wheelbase truck. I used whatever trucks Richard
suggested in his article (as mentioned in another e-mail, I thought I used
Eastern Car Works trucks but I don't have the article anymore). I cut coil
springs from some old Athearn trucks Richard gave me (I never owned any
Athearn cars and thus didn't have them for cannibalizing). After salvaging a
pair of springs, I used them as a master and cast resin copies for all of
the trucks. The existing single coil spring was milled out using a special
jig to hold the truck side frames.

BTW, there was an article on these cars in the July/August 1978 issue of the
Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette. The article covers by the Van Dyke cars
and the narrow framed cars and gives original numbers, dates, etc. The
author (Robert Sloan) states "These [the Van Dyke cars] had two types of
truck bolsters and were rebuilt by applying pads for narrow gauge slide
bearings with special cast steel ASF trucks."....just as Dennis suggested.

Jack Burgess


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