Commonwealth steel combined end frame and body bolster castings

Robert kirkham

I'm working on a model of CPR 389000-389049 series tank cars. These were built in 1923 and carried 12,500 gallons. They have a lot of similarities to the Athearn single dome tank, although I'm only harvesting parts from that model for my project. I haven't figured out who the builder was yet.

In any event, I lack sufficient good photos of the body bolster/saddle/end frame area of the car and am struggling to model something credible while peering in the dark. An article in Canadian Railway and Marine World indicates that the cars were equipped with Commonwealth cast steel combined end frame and body bolster castings. These parts included the side sills and tank saddle.

So, I am wondering if anyone might have a clue where to find photos or drawings of the castings. It may be that it was a custom casting and not a marketed product, but I thought I would ask.

Rob Kirkham

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