Re: Modeling UTLX type X and V (was Blackstone Models UTLX tank cars)

Roland Levin

Hi Dennis,

I have built 6 of the Precision Scale frame less tank cars. They are very good models. You should buy the version with brass details if you like to avoid fragile details. The parts making up the tank goes well together but you need to work with the seam at the top. It will be noticeable if you just paint the model after assembly. I will try to use this tip when I get more time to fix the seam on my cars.

I personally don't like the trucks you get with when you order the model with brass parts but that wouldn't be a problem for you if you are going to convert it to standard gauge.

Roland Levin

Stockholm, Sweden

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As has been noted here before, Precision Scale offers a plastic kit
for the UTLX 6500 gallon type V in both HO and HON3. The HO kit does
need some detail changes beyond simply 5' wheelbase trucks to be
correct (following Richard's article), but it is a nice starting
place. Precision Scale also offers an HON3 "narrow frame" version of
this tank car, as apparently, so will Blackstone...


Since you and Jack have both looked at these cars, what do you guys think about the quality? Are the tank moldings decent, and do the fit together well? What do you think about the walkway? Fragile?


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