Re: Commonwealth steel combined end frame and body bolster castings

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In any event, I lack sufficient good photos of the body bolster/saddle/end
frame area of the car and am struggling to model something credible while
peering in the dark. An article in Canadian Railway and Marine World
indicates that the cars were equipped with Commonwealth cast steel combined
end frame and body bolster castings. These parts included the side sills
and tank saddle.

Take another look at that Royalite car on pages 268 - 269 of the 1922 Car Builder's Cyclopedia that we were discussing the other week... The car was built by CC&F in 1921, and the cross sectional views show it has a cast bolster. Not quite as good a photos, and you have to spend some time deciphering the hidden lines, but there's a lot of info in those drawings.


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