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It appears that most major roads post-WWII had at least one experimental aluminum-bodied or aluminum-sided boxcar.

CN had only three out of a fleet of over 40,000 steel 40' boxcars. I need a lot of CN cars for a 1956 grain-hauling road, but one aluminum-sided car alone would stick out from all those CN Red #11 cars in a hurry.

Why is it that modellers seem to seek out the unusual to model? Oh, here comes that silver "Cookie Box" again...

Steve Lucas.

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michael bishop wrote:
I think (a dangerous thing for me do anymore) that I read somewhere
that PFE had some silver or aluminum ice bunker reefers. Is this
correct, or am I getting my facts mixed up. Thanks for any help.
Yessir. They built exactly two aluminum body cars at a time
when the PFE car fleet was around 40,000 cars. Much as I like PFE and
many PFE model cars as I have, I don't have one of them--they are just
too rare. But hey, model them both if you like.

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