Re: Western Prototype Modelers Meet 2009


Maybe it was a move to redirect the resentment toward him and practices he conducted.

Jerry Glow

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Tony Thompson wrote:

I guess Tim means that UP took over SP and lots of other roads -- but
the resentment being discussed comes from their efforts to make money
on their copyrights (and to claim copyrights they turned out not to

Actually, being on the UP side of the street, I see modeler
resentment from both factors at work. Certainly, the licensing
program made animosity toward the UP much worse, but it is not the
only reason. As I said, life goes on. Some people harbor bad
feelings and some don't. We're not likely to change that here.

Dick Harley
What I find sort of ironic is that it was the owner of Mike's Train House (MTH) who took on the U.P. and spent HIS time and money getting things resolved. Yet if I can believe the comments that I've read on the web about his HO scale products it's just about the only thing that he's ever done right.....

Ken Olson

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