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Gatwood, Elden J SAD


Does "3 parts per package" mean 3 sprues containing a total of 3 wheels, all
for $5, or one sprue for $5 that has 3 parts on it, one of which is a brake

Thanks for this heads-up, also!

Elden Gatwood

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The Superior handbrake wheel and mechanism detail set is available from the
Chicago & North Western Historical Society, which first had Red Caboose do
them for a special run of M&StL box cars (sold out). The Society still orders
special runs of the Superior HB sprue for their Company Store, three sets for
$5, shipping included. I ordered some a couple of months ago, and they are
just beautiful. The CNWHS Company Store website is
Hope this helps,
Dave Sieber,
Reno NV

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Appears to be a Superior brake wheel. Red Caboose produced a separate detail
parts package 8000-13 with this brake wheel and housing but I don't know if
it's still available. Tim O'Connor

At 9/25/2009 07:44 AM Friday, Matt Sugarman wrote:
All, Could someone tell me what type of brake wheel is on the car on the
bottom of page 38 of the four ways west GN freight car pictorial, vol 1 (GN
18598)??? And is it available in HO scale??? Thank you, Matt Sugerman, Ft.
Worth, TX

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