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David Sieber

Elden, What you get for your $5 is three sprues as shown on the CNWHS Company Store website, each with one Superior brakewheel and one handbrake mechanism consisting of the HB gear housing, chain and connecting rod with bottom clevis to connect with the bell crank at the bottom of the car end. Thus, you get a total of three complete HB sets to equip three tall cars.
Regards, Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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Dave; Does "3 parts per package" mean 3 sprues containing a total of 3 wheels, all for $5, or one sprue for $5 that has 3 parts on it, one of which is a brake wheel? Thanks for this heads-up, also! Elden Gatwood

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The Superior handbrake wheel and mechanism detail set is available from the
Chicago & North Western Historical Society, which first had Red Caboose do
them for a special run of M&StL box cars (sold out). The Society still orders
special runs of the Superior HB sprue for their Company Store, three sets for
$5, shipping included. I ordered some a couple of months ago, and they are
just beautiful. The CNWHS Company Store website is
Hope this helps,
Dave Sieber,
Reno NV

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Appears to be a Superior brake wheel. Red Caboose produced a separate detail
parts package 8000-13 with this brake wheel and housing but I don't know if
it's still available. Tim O'Connor

At 9/25/2009 07:44 AM Friday, Matt Sugarman wrote:
All, Could someone tell me what type of brake wheel is on the car on the
bottom of page 38 of the four ways west GN freight car pictorial, vol 1 (GN
18598)??? And is it available in HO scale??? Thank you, Matt Sugerman, Ft.
Worth, TX

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