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Hi to all

I have been busily painting a decorating my reefer fleet of recent times and for information model N scale. Thanks to everyone who replied to my PFE question which gleaned some information that I was not aware of that PFE/WP never had any steel cars, only wood, thanks George.. These I guess will now have to be repainted as well. My question is this, or should I say questions...

I am trying to decorate some Swift Reefers in the pre all red scheme and have commissioned some decals to be made both with the all black lettering scheme and the 1948 scheme with the red/white swift logo on the right hand side of the car. I have managed also to pick up some Fine N Scale wooden truss rod reefer kits that look like with the addition of a new underframe could be made into a reasonable facsimilie of a 37' wooden Swift reefer. I don't know what the prototype was for this but with a scratchbuilt centre steel beam and exposes bracing they could be made to look close to the wooden Swift car. If Martin Loften or Richard Hendrickson (still overseas it seems) or anyone else is out there with knowledge of what I need to do to get them closer please get in touch. I do have the article printed in the Railmodel Journal in February 1993 and is the basis for my questions.

My question is in a number of articles I have seen the paint scheme for both of the earlier cars is Reefer Yellow Sides with a Red roof and ends. Is the roof a red like a fire engine red or a more sedate boxcar red? Thanks for any help that you can give.

Regards to all
Rob McLear
Brisbane Australia.

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