Re: Commonwealth steel combined end frame and body bolster castings

Robert kirkham

I thought I'd try to do a little more research on this subject by searching Google books. There one finds this phrase in Railway Age, September 3, 1927, p.450. Unfortunately Google only shows the header of the page and not the comment in which the phrase is used citing copyright issues, so it is difficult to guage its usefulness.

According to the Google search, the phrase is repeated in a 1930 volume of Railway Age - but Google won't even let me see the header to pick up a month or page number.

There is another mystifying reference to 1925 Railway Age, but here Google won't even summarise the content stating it is "restricted".


Anyway, since 1923 is the date the car I'm modelling was built, I'd like to have a look at these references - whether they turn out to be a dead end or not....

Since the local libraries collection of Railway Age only goes back to 1929, I'm wondering if anyone knows an effective way to follow these leads from my home here in Vancouver.

Rob Kirkham

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