Re: Ted Culotta/Larry Jackman MIA

pullmanboss <tgmadden@...>

Schuyler Larrabee wrote:

The Puget Sound message was one of his last. I seem to recall Seattle as a more specific
destination. I should hope he has a connection. His were some of the most enjoyable and
informative posts as regards "how it really was" that have appeared on this list.
This is what Larry wrote in November last year:

"Hi Fellow list buddies.
I writing this to let you know I will not be at Cocoa Beach this year. I am moving back to Seattle area By the end of Dec. I never
really liked Florida. We came down to look after my wife's Mother.
She died in Jan 2007 and my wife died in Oct 2007. I have a daughter
in Seattle. She wants me to move out there. I will still be on the
list but my health is going down hill and this will probably be my
last plane flight..
Thank you all"

I don't think Larry has posted since January. I agree with Schuyler. Larry had "been everywhere, done everything", but his posts were informative and to the point.

Tom Madden

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