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Doug Rhodes

Clark, you can use the "stepped block" decals your friend likes on a "minibox" since these cars were
were seen with this scheme (as they were with the later "script" scheme.) The cars had a very long
service life, and as result were repainted at various times with whatever lettering scheme was
current at the time. The "Spans the World" scheme was actually only used for a few short years in
the late 1940's, while the "stepped block" scheme was current from the late 1940s to the early

There is a photo of a "minibox" still in "stepped block" in 1983 (albeit in work service by that
time) in the Morning Sun Canadian Pacific Colour Guide.

As others have pointed out, pretty much any steel boxcar introduced to CPR service up to about 1961
could realistically have these decals applied, so depending on the modeled era there would be a wide
variety of options to choose from.

Hope this helps
Doug Rhodes


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The former HO scale CRMPG ends (NSC and Canadian Dreadnaught versions) are now made by Sylvan
Scale Models--

Steve Lucas.

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> Clark: many CP cars were painted in this scheme, including 10 ' IH 1937 AAR
> cars and later 10'6 AAR cars. The 1937 kits can be kitbashed from IM or RC
> 1937 bodies and CRMPG roofs and ends. Jim Little had an article in RMC March
> 1995 with a whole lot more details than my short email provided.
> Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
> Cheektowaga NY
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> My last question about some old tank cars must have been a tough one, so
> I'll make this one easier.
> I built a F&C CP minibox for a friend. He thought he'd given me a set of
> Allen Ferguson's great CP 'stepped' lettering decals, which he hadn't. Now,
> he'd like me to do a car with those decals.
> I'd like to know what box car models would be appropriate for those decals.
> Thanks,
> Clark Propst
> Mason City Iowa
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