News from Funaro & Camerlengo for Ya'll modelers

Bill Welch

I notice that F&C is anticipating a Sunshine release this fall by releasing the L&N/Georgia/WofA/A&WP Pratt trussed SS cars with the Murphy XLA roof and 7/8 Murphy ends as a one piece body. Ya'll modelers might want to consider this version as Martin's version is a bit of a compromise as it will have the 5'6" truck spacing instead of the correct 5' spacing for these cars. To his credit, Martin acknowledges this on his flier.

Unfortunately in my preliminary look on the website, I cannot really tell if the F&C kits have the correct spacing either.

Another point is that one group of L&N cars w/the Murphy ends had a roof that is clearly not an XLA roof although I am not sure what it is. The RP CYC article missed this variation.

Bill Welch

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