Tichy Gondola


Does anybody known anything about Tichys latest offering, an injection
molded (or moulded for our friends north of the border) kit for a war
emergency gondola? I just received notification of its forthcoming
availability and it seems to have escaped my radar entirely. Perhaps
that's because I've been living in a freight car vacuum by not being a
part of that other Internet group. In any case, it's coming in several
varieties, i.e. factory painted 2-3 roads, unpainted and unpainted with a
set of decals for 5-6 roads. I don't suppose there will be any variety
of detailing to match known prototypes, will there be? Like different
ends, brakes, board spacings, steel siding or no siding at all (to match
the car in the IRM)? I guess I'll hang onto my Sunshine/F&C kits for a
while longer.

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