Re: SI flat car

Tim O'Connor

Thanks for the help. Yet another car to search for in Bob's
collection when I get to Naperville!

Tim O'

At 9/28/2009 08:50 PM Monday, you wrote:

Ed Hawkins wrote:
> According to ACF paint specs for lot 3525, series SI 5001-5025,
> built 6-51, they were painted black with white stencils. Red and
> gold were used on a small railroad medallion located between the
> road name and car number. It was covered by the consolidated
> dimensional data on the car in the photo.

Probably this car was painted from the same specs, but the car
number, 5045, lies outside the cited series.
Tony and Tim,
Oops - sorry, my goof. The ACF order for lot 3525 was 75 cars, series
SI 5001-5075. Time to get new bifocals!

I checked the 1/52 ORER, and interestingly the book lists 75 cars in
series 5001-5076. Don't know why the numbers go to 5076.
Ed Hawkins

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