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Guess what? The guy who wanted me to find out what car he needed for his 'Stepped Lettering" decals had my Oct. 94 RMC!

Thanks for all the help!!
Clark Propst

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Thanks, Tim, for that clarification.

As others have pointed out, there is good detailed info in the Jim Little articles in RMC in the
October 1994 and March 1995 issues, where variations within the CPR number "series" have been broken
out in detail.

My focus was on car numbers that could be seen on "similar" cars with the "stepped block" scheme,
but of course you're quite correct that "similar" glosses over a number of variations in detail that
can be of interest to modelers. CPR in the timeframe often spread its orders around to different car
builders, which sometimes but not always resulted in different construction details, appliances etc
in the resulting cars. I understand from discussions on the list that this was a fairly common
practice amongst US railways also.

So to accurately model a specific car or group of cars from the same builder at the same time, I
agree the "series" I quoted are too broadly drawn.


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Doug Rhodes wrote

>> 10 foot 6 inch high cars (1944 modified design)
>> CP252250-267210 built 1948-1953
>> That last series had almost 15,000 cars in service in 1956...
>> it might be a good choice for a "typical" boxcar based on the
>> 1937 design.

Doug, the 252250-267210 "series" is many different series from
different builders at different times. None of them are exactly
like the 1937 AAR box car or the modified 1940 design either.

Here's an order breakdown for just 255500-267210:

255500-256499 blt 1948 NSC YSD-1 door
257000-257199 blt 1950 ECC YSD-1 door
257200-257499 blt 1950 CCF YSD-1 door
257500-258199 blt 1950 NSC YSD-1 door
258200-258499 blt 1951 ECC YSD-1 door
258500-258999 blt 1951 ECC YSD-1 door
259000-259499 blt 1951 NSC YSD-1 door
259500-260499 blt 1951 CCF YSD-1 door
260500-261399 blt 1951 CCF YSD-1 door
261400-261699 blt 1951 NSC YSD-1 door
261700-262699 blt 1951 NSC YSD-1 door
262700-263899 blt 1952 CP YSD-1 door
263900-264899 blt 1952 CCF YSD-1 door
264900-265249 blt 1953 NSC YSD-1 door
265250-266049 blt 1952 CP YSD-1 door
266050-267210 blt 1953 CP YSD-1 door

Tim O'Connor


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