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Daniel Kohlberg

Hi Bill,

I will forever be a Scalecoat guy, and their MOW Gray, tinted appropriately with a drop or two of black as needed, handles many of my IC projects.

Dan Kohlberg

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This good news. I can use this for one of my undec. Athearn Airslides and adapt the lettering for one of my undec. Athearn 3-bay PS2's!

Any suggestions for shades of grey for the IC's LO's in 1955?

Bill Welch

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I am pleased to announce the release of my latest decal set:

ICG-52 Illinois Central GATC 2600 Airslide Covered Hoppers.

The decal set contains enough lettering for 3 different IC cars in the
original scheme. The era is 1955 through the early 1990s. The IC rostered
196 of the cars total (across 8 GATC orders), and about half of them
survived in original paint until the end.

Please check out my web site for photos, more info, and pricing:

Thanks everyone!

Dan Kohlberg

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