Re: Sunshine L&N Boxcar kit # 85.1

Tim O'Connor

Kurt, although many resin kits (and plastic kits) have problems,
I have yet to encounter a Sunshine kit that is not buildable. Hard
to build, yes, but not unbuildable.

Very, very few model trains are perfectly engineered. The Gould
(now Tichy) kits came close. Kadee PS-1 and PS-2 cars come close.
Only a few resin kits (from Railyard and SC&F) come close.

And of course, if you don't like Sunshine kits, don't buy 'em. I
don't think Martin's going to re-engineer them now.


----- Original Message -----

That assumes that having a large number of kits is fundamentally
incompatible with kits that are engineered well enough to be buildable (*).

I do not believe that assumption is still valid.


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