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I can't get over the feeling that Kurt does not fully understand the resin casting process and the vagaries that can arise from time to time with that medium.
The problem described with the floor can and does happen quite a bit with resin. Granted rarely to the extent indicated, but it does happen.
I also believe that a certain amount of accomodation has to be made for the reality of a small family business that has grown bigger than ever expected. I know how hard and long the Lofton's and the Westerfield's have to work to get their products out the door and I always wonder how much better the "complainers" could really do.
Finally, rather than cut the floor apart or scratch build a replacement, why not simply return the defective part with a description of the issue and I'm sure that Martin would address the problem fairly quickly.
Pierre Oliver

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Whatever your definition of "buildable", poorly engineered and ill-fitting
kits do not get better simply because there is a wide variety of them.
Regardless of the appeal of the subject, needing to scratchbuild a new floor
and underframe to replace the item you paid to acquire reduces the overall
quality of the kit significantly. This is an area that demands our
scrutiny, not our apologies.


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From: Tim O'Connor

Kurt, although many resin kits (and plastic kits) have problems,
I have yet to encounter a Sunshine kit that is not buildable. Hard
to build, yes, but not unbuildable.

Very, very few model trains are perfectly engineered. The Gould
(now Tichy) kits came close. Kadee PS-1 and PS-2 cars come close.
Only a few resin kits (from Railyard and SC&F) come close.

And of course, if you don't like Sunshine kits, don't buy 'em. I
don't think Martin's going to re-engineer them now.

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