Re: Sunshine L&N Boxcar kit # 85.1

Paul Lyons


Agreed! Thus my point, just send it back to Martin and he will make it right.

Paul Lyons

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Paul, a 2' difference doesn't sound like resin shrinkage -- it
sounds like the wrong floor. Incorrect packing unfortunately is
not an uncommon problem if you have a lot of Sunshine kits. I've
had to write for replacement parts too. For example I bought an
SLSF single sheathed kit with steel sides, but the kit was packed
with wood sheathed sides. And I had built an ATSF flat car before
I realized it was the wrong body for the kit.


HELLO BOB! Please go back and re-read the original emal. The floor is two foot short, which puts the truck blosters a foot out of position.?I personally, like the person who wrote the email,?want to be a little more acurate than this with my models. Sooo, it is a bit more than adding the few stryrene strips you suggest. However, I do agree that I am not sure what the fuss is about--send it back to Martin and he will replace it.

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA?

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