Re: Sunshine L&N Boxcar kit # 85.1

charles slater

Ill fitting parts is usually not Martin's falt, many times it can be traced back to the pattern maker not engineerg it correctly or taking a short cut by using a part from another kit and modifing it to fit the new car instead of just making a new part.

I have done this myself using floors and roofs from other similar cars to keep from making new ones, and sometimes we have no information on exactly what a floor for a certain car actually looks like.

But if the floor is two feet short there is a real problem, it sounds like the car had the wrong floor put into the kit. On the cars I do for Martin, all the parts are cast at the same time in the same rubber mold so if there is any shrinkage all the parts still fit.

Martin has in the past put togather a kit by taking ends, floor, roof and sides all from other kits and creating a new car, and not always testing the fit or even building a finished model from the parts.
At any rate Martin will fix the problem just call him and he will take care of it.

Charlie Slater

Pattern Maker

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From: Tim O'Connor
How come we can crucify Intermountain (and others) but not
Sunshine for errors like this? This is just plain "head up
and locked" manufacturing.
Jerry Glow

Resin kits (esp Martin's) often have parts that don't fit well
together. I think if you check the archives you'll find we have
discussed this in the past.

What was the saying? Gettysburg was the price the South paid for
having Robert E. Lee? Well, these resin issues are the price we
pay for having such a tremendous number of prototype models from
Sunshine... errors and all.
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That assumes that having a large number of kits is fundamentally
incompatible with kits that are engineered well enough to be buildable (*).

I do not believe that assumption is still valid.


(*) I have made enough models - plastic, resin, and hybrid - to have a
realistic understanding of what "buildable" means, so please save yourself
the effort writing about how resin kits aren't Athearn blue boxes, etc.,

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