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I wasn't thinking about this list when the 'floor problem' thread started so
I might be missing something but so far I have...
Kit 85.1, L&N boxcar, wrong floor
X29B, wrong doors
CMO USRA rebuild, wrong sides.

If or when someone has a problem to report, I think it would be better to
send it to the group for possible discussion/filtering before I add it to
the list.


Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon
I would not waste my time trying to keep track of isolated packaging errors, as such a list would not be useful in my opinion. A list of verified errors in the accuracy of the castings themselves would be useful, in my opinion, as would any "how I fixed it" information that is available.

For anyone who still cares, the "wrong sides" in my CMO USRA rebuild kit were the 1950s rebuild versions with Superior doors, when I had ordered the earlier versions with Youngstown doors. Really, not a big deal at all. It isn't as if I received a set of PFE reefer sides in my boxes.

Is anyone else as excited for Naperville as I am? The new NYC rebuilds look sweet!

Bob Heninger
Iowa City, Iowa

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