Re: Erie 1932 ARA boxcars/1932 ARA/AAR standard boxcar drAWINGS


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Does anyone know if underframe drawings of the Erie's 1932 ARA boxcars
appeared (Or C&O or NKP) in any of the car builders cycs in the 1930's.

I have an 8 page bulletin from Yankee Clipper which includes requested drawings and over 30 photos.

According to the bulletin there were 3 phases of underframes : 1 for the experimental cars, 2 for CGW, C&O 7000 series, Erie, NKP and 3 for the rest (11 different railroads).

Phase 2 including the Erie cars has the 3 brake components between the cross bearers (i.e. mostly beneath the doors). There are builders photos of all 4-phase 2 cars showing the brake apparatus in the middle.
of the cars.


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