Re: ACC Applicators

Jack Burgess

I would like to hear what others are using for applicator tips
for ACC glue bottles.

How do you keep them from clogging?

How do you clean them out when clogged?

In particular, I have been using some applicators that fit onto
the bottle top. They have a metal tube that is quite small -- I
only use them for the thin liquid ACC. They are great for this
purpose, giving very good control of the thin glue that tends to
run otherwise.

Nevertheless, they clog after a few uses and I haven't figured
out any way to clean them out -- I don't have any wire or drills
small enough to fit into the tiny tubes and ACC debonder doesn't
seem to work.
The only CA that I use is thin ZAP by Pacer Industries (dark pink bottle). I
buy only the smallest bottles. They come with a Teflon tube which is
inserted in the tip of the bottle after cutting off the "lid" which I throw
away. (The joint between the Teflon and the bottle can leak. The solution is
to get some CA on the joint and then spray it with accelerator which
normally solves the problem.)

We have no humidity here in the Bay Area so I very rarely have the Teflon
tube clog up, even after months of use. If you are continually working, this
setup should be fine. If you are going to stop using the CA for awhile, you
might set the bottle down and tap it a couple of times on the workbench to
get the CA out of the tube and back in the bottle. If you do get a clog, you
can cut off the tip of the Teflon tube to solve the problem.

Jack Burgess

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