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Thanks for the link, but it only gets me the title page PDF.
Can't find the link to the book. Doing something wrong?
Have fuN,
Maarten Vis

Charlie Vlk schreef:
This is a Walter Lucas book that I did not have in my Library (three other titles by him that I do have are 100 Years of Classic Steam Locomotives, Locomotives and Cars Since 1900, and 100 Years of Railroad Cars).
I went to grade school with his son and knew he was an HO Model Railroader and vaguely knew he worked for Simmons-Boardman; wish I'd known more and met him and knew what questions to ask him!!
Charlie Vlk

I ran into this on another forum. This is a Simmons-Boardman book. It's a condensation of material from late '40s S-B Cyclopedias aimed at the hobbyist audience. At a quick look it seems to be a great reference on the state of the art of railroading technology during the ever-popular transition era.

Free pdf download from Google books:

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