Re: Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol. 19

Tim O'Connor

Galvanized metal is very shiny when new, but quickly oxidizes to a
light gray, then darker gray as it ages.

I have not seen the Intermountain model but it sounds like they tried
to replicate the paint you describe.

My question now is, how common was the use of "galvanizing paint" vs
unpainted galvanized metal? And does the use of the paint imply that
the roof was not actually galvanized, but was only painted that way?

Tim O'Connor

Having used so-called 'galvanising paint' in the past I can state that the
stuff I used was a light metallic grey colour. I distinctly remember
thinking to myself at the first time I used it 'this looks nothing like
galvanised metal'.

The colour, when it dried, was a shade or two darker than the typical colour
we use for covered hoppers. In my minds eye I see a 3/4 photo of a covered
hopper in young Mr Hawkins articles in Railmodel Journal which was
described as being of a similar shade to that which I remeber.

Barry Bennett
Coventry, England.

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