CNW Emergency Galvanized Viking Roofs (was) RP CYC Vol. 19

Ed Hawkins

On Oct 8, 2009, at 8:50 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

My question now is, how common was the use of "galvanizing paint" vs
unpainted galvanized metal? And does the use of the paint imply that
the roof was not actually galvanized, but was only painted that way?
As I indicated in my original reply, the roof Viking roof sheets were
made of galvanized 16 ga. steel. In looking at hundreds of bills of
materials from AC&F and Pullman, it's evident that the use of
galvanized roof paint on a galvanized roof was an uncommon practice.
Unpainted galvanized roofs were much more common.

Interestingly, Viking roofs used on CNW box cars (CNW 72000-72998 even
and 73000-74398 even) built by AC&F one year earlier in 1942 were
painted the same color as the sides and ends.
Ed Hawkins

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