Re: ACC Applicators


I put a drop in a piece of wood (Floor leftover) and use a toothpick for the transfer. The ACC jar stays fresh, and the glue gets where it goes.
For grabs, I dip the part in the glue, then apply the part to the model.

I use the same piece of wood when clearing by Faller glue bottle. I run a drop on the wood to make sure the glue is flowing, then apply glue to the modes/part. Makes for less surprises, such as when a big blob of glue squirts out. :)


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I don't bother trying to use those tubes/tips that come with the glue. With the rather humid conditions in Southern Ontario I find that they clog up rather quiclly.
I simply dispense a small amount onto a piece of plastic and use a pin to transfer from the puddle to the joint.
Pierre Oliver

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