Re: ACC Applicators

Allen Cain <allencain@...>

Like so many others have noted, I use a straight pin with the head cut off
in an X-Acto type knife made by a third party (came in a free knife set from
Model Expo) which has a plastic/rubber insert designed to hold a round tool.
The ACC is dropped sparingly onto a piece of wax paper that my wife
grudgingly donates to the cause.

I do sharpen the pin point on a stone to get a nice precise point.

I also use the very inexpensive add on tips on the bottle. They look like
plastic tubing that has been heated and pulled to neck down most of the
tube. The large end is forced onto the bottom and the tip is very long. If
the tip plugs, just cut it off as there is plenty of length. When finished,
I pull it off the bottle and throw it away and seal the bottle. These are
very cheap.

I also buy in small bottles as others because this stuff goes a long ways.
I do tend to buy the generic brands carried in the hobby shops as I just
have not seen the difference in performance in HO trains. Now, if I was
building a R/C Plane which sees much more stress, I would be more selective
in the adhesive I use. I have also used the stuff found in Wal-Mart and
Home Depot and see not difference.

The real key is in the skills of the person applying the ACC unless of
course you are attaching "engineered plastics" which is another subject all

Allen Cain

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