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The "most common" version of the offset side twin is not the "AAR standard"
version, or am I wrong? I guess we should discuss how many roads had how
many of each type, shouldn't we? I thought it was the AAR alternate standard
car, which has never been done by anyone, has it? L&N, C&O and many others
had many thousands of that AAR alt std car, too, didn't they?

Elden Gatwood

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The most common version did not have the ever so slight "swale" along the
bottom of the side sheathing but was straight along the bottom edge of the
car's side. The L&N and C&O had thousands of these and the Southern had
approximately 3,000. While one can "get there" using Athearn and Atlas
models, both involve removing molded on grabs and replacing with wire. The
Athearn example is not up to modern standards in that the inside of the car
is not modeled correctly.

Dennis, my apologies for leaving Accurail off the list I wish would do this
car. If you do it, please do not cast the grabs in place!
Personally, I don't care about the sill steps. There are only four per car.
But on hoppers the many grabs are out there for the world to see and need to
be modeled with wire, as with IM's covered hopper and Athearn's Airslide.

Bill Welch

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