Re: The most common Offset Twin

Dennis Storzek

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The "most common" version of the offset side twin is not the "AAR standard"
version, or am I wrong? I guess we should discuss how many roads had how
many of each type, shouldn't we? I thought it was the AAR alternate standard
car, which has never been done by anyone, has it? L&N, C&O and many others
had many thousands of that AAR alt std car, too, didn't they?

Elden Gatwood
Bill is talking about the side sill variations of the AAR Standard car, specifically the straight side sills that make an offset toward the bottom of the car behind the side sheets vs. the version that has the sill straight for the length of the side sheets, and then angles up to the end sills. To use the AAR 70 ton triple to illustrate, the Accurail car has the later, while the Steward / Bowser car has the former.

I'm not in agreement with Bill, however, on the relative numbers of cars. There may have been more cars built total with the angled ends of the side sills,but it appears that there were more different roadnames had the straight sills at the end of the car.


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