Re: ACC Applicators

Douglas Harding <dharding@...>

I agree with Bill. I use the cheap stuff found at the local hardware store. I don't use ACC in large quantities and found the
Hobby Shop bottles often dried up after long periods of dis-use, not just the tube, the entire bottle. It was a waste of money,
and as I don't live near a Hobby Shop, a real frustration. Now when a cheap tube dries up I just toss it, go to the fridge and get
a fresh one. And Yes I keep my ACC in the fridge, which seems to make it last longer.

I have a sheet of plate glass on the workbench, I squeeze out a little amount of ACC on the glass and use a straight pin stuck in
the end of a bamboo skewer as an applicator. Once the puddle dries I scrape it off the glass with a used single edge razor blade,
and squeeze out another drop. I have much better control with this applicator, less waste, and I don't glue my fingers together

Doug Harding

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