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I put three to four drops of ACC in a bottle cap (from bottled water) that sits in a piece of foam to hold it at an angle so the ACC collects at the bottom of the angled side. The tip of the ACC bottle is then wiped clean and cap put back on. Tip always stays clean. ACC is applied from bottle cap with a the eye of a needle that was cut in half to form a wye and inserted in a wood dowel. A tool like this is available from MicroMark if you choose not to make your own. When the eye of the needle clogs I use a disposable lighter to burn any accumulation off. Since the needle is stainless steel no harm is done ( does blacken ) to the needle tip. The burn method with lighter faster (takes seconds ) rather than using Acetone to clean it which is what I used prior to hearing about using the lighter.

Lester Breuer

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I would like to hear what others are using for applicator tips for ACC glue bottles.

How do you keep them from clogging?

How do you clean them out when clogged?

In particular, I have been using some applicators that fit onto the bottle top. They have a metal tube that is quite small -- I only use them for the thin liquid ACC. They are great for this purpose, giving very good control of the thin glue that tends to run otherwise.

Nevertheless, they clog after a few uses and I haven't figured out any way to clean them out -- I don't have any wire or drills small enough to fit into the tiny tubes and ACC debonder doesn't seem to work.

Rick Stern

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