Re: Friends of the Freight Car Shirts

Tim O'Connor

I wouldn't think of leaving my FFC shirts behind. Where the heck
else am I gonna wear them? :-) :-)

Tim O'Connor

At 10/10/2009 05:45 PM Saturday, you wrote:
Many subscribers to this list will be attending the Sunshine Models
Prototype Modelers' Seminar in Naperville, IL later this month. Many
of those who will be at Naperville have Friends of the Freight Car
polo shirts which they acquired years ago when the FFC was more
active than it is now. If you have a Friends of the Freight Car polo
shirt, especially a yellow-orange one with a reefer drawing on it,
make sure you bring it to Naperville. You will find out why at an
appropriate time. DO NOT tell the Loftons about this, or ask them
questions about it, as it supposed to be a surprise.

Richard Hendrickson

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