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I have stord several brands and viscosities of ACC in a refrigerator for many years with success. They are stored vertically as a group with a rubber band around them (for stability) in one of the "egg trays". For those that still use contact lenses, I utilize the spent plastic containers the lenses come in. I dispense a small puddle of ACC as needed. The "pot life" of the ACC is several minutes, some of the bottles are over 5 years old. Like everyone else I use a variety of pins, broken drill bits, needles, etc. to place the ACC with great control. At the end of the work session I throw the container out.

Paul LaCiura
Glendale, CA

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I'm with those who don't like the applicator tubes and prefer
using a pin as an applicator. I've been impressed with the Bob Smith
Industries CA packaging, with a tip which doesn't ever seem to clog,
though it's too large to use as an applicator by itself.

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