Re: ATSF gondolas fitted with roofs

David North <davenorth@...>

This was discussed just a week or so ago.

Sunshine did a mini kit M.1 some years ago to produce GA-21 and GA-43 using
Stewart 3 bay hoppers as a starting point. You could also do a 4 bay GA-24
converting pair of Athearn cars. Athearn 2 bay cars could be used to do the
GA-54. Santa Fe converted 200 coal hoppers to covered hoppers to augment its
fleet of grain service cars during a bumper harvest in 1945. The radial
roofs came from BX-8, 9, & 10 box cars. They ran through the 50s and were
gradually converted back to open hoppers in the 60s.

Priest's Heritage Vol. 2 has a photo showing a 4 hatch roof on p. 129, a 3
bay hopper 182110. Sunshine shows another 3 bay, 181181 which has 6 roof
hatches. I think I have seen a photo somewhere that showed 8 hatches,
probably on the GA-24.

Richard's book page 260-261 shows GA-21 182128 3 bay 4 hatch in 3 photos,
GA-24 181107 4 bay and 181098 4 bay. His book shows GA-43 and 54 in their
original configuration, but not with the roof conversion.
J. Stephen (Steve) Sandifer

Hi Stephen,

Yes, I remember. The Sunshine roofs would end up costing me at least A$70 a
pair, so I've decided to scratchbuild my own, using the MM article on
building the radial roof.

I have the 3 bay pics you mentioned, and John Moore emailed me folio
diagrams for the 3 bay cars.

I'm still looking for pics and a folio diagram for the Ga-54.

I need to id how many hatches were used on these 2 bays and there they were

Thanks for your help.


Dave North



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