Re: The most common Offset Twin

Schuyler Larrabee

At how much per copy, Tim? They imported the ERIE horizontal-rib hopper too, but at something in
the neighborhood of $110.00 each. Rather puts a crimp on a full train's worth! Over time I've
snagged about seven or eight, but if they were in plastic (as the ASH should be done, with alternate
end styles available) then I'd have more.


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From: Tim O'Connor

Years ago, Overland imported several of the C&O cars, plus a
C&O triple, in HO scale.

At 10/9/2009 07:15 AM Friday, you wrote:
I think everyone in HO is envious and wishes Rich did cars in that scale,
too. His C&O cars are beautiful, as are all his PRR models.

Elden Gatwood

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